The Taste of Home

Durban’s Best started with a simple desire to provide the authentic flavours of Durban directly to you wherever you may be… For those that grew up with those nostalgic flavours of home – Bringing the ‘taste of home’ to your home.

In 1985, founder of Rookie Ma’s Spices, Mrs. Rookie Naidoo envisioned an opportunity to recreate the unique flavours of her own kitchen. And so it began… the roasting and grinding of spices, which was then marketed to the Durban community by her husband, C.P. Naidoo. Her vision grew from the confines of her kitchen into a thriving business and the Rookie Ma’s Spice Company was formed, gradually growing from individual sales to Sunday markets and eventually reaching wholesale markets. The company prevailed over the past 37 years, increasing in size and range, all the while maintaining the original quality and standard.

Today, Rookie Ma’s vast range of spices, together with other authentic flavours of Durban are available online through Durban’s Best Online store.

Durban’s Best is owned and managed by husband and wife team – Belinda & Sanjivi Naidoo, with more than 30 years of experience in the spice industry. Our aim is to allow you the opportunity to enjoy the authentic tastes of Durban at a click of a button!

Organically Sourced.
Beautifully Served.

Connecting people to the taste of home.

Passion: We act with intense positive energy, we are good at what we do and take pride in who we are.

Premium Quality: We aim to always deliver the best and are committed to offering products that are of uncompromising quality.

Value: We are committed to offering you real value through a convenient and fair deal.

Service: We want to go a bit further to ensure that you get the best service. Service is about understanding others’ needs, so please let us know what YOU need.

Fun: That comes from our interaction with our partners and our satisfaction from our work.


Belinda: 082 868 0006
Sanj: 079 493 3782

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